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I am an experienced professional bass player living near Nashville, Tennessee. I have worked for many fine artists over the years, including jazz great Art Van Damme, the original Ink Spots, "Dynasty" and "Grey’s Anatomy" star Diahann Carroll, RFD-TV regular and Lower Broadway artist Frank James, as well as 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominee, Clyde Stubblefield. I play Lakland basses and a few older Fenders.


I use Fender, Crown, Eden, and Ashdown amplifiers for live shows, and Avalon, DBX, and FMR products for recording. I am ready for Broadway shows, private parties, short tours, songwriter showcases, as well jingles, demos, and master sessions.



Call or text me at 615-540-6423 or email at

Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

Scroll down for references and music clips.



Clyde Stubblefield


Clyde Stubblefield is the most sampled drummer in history. His grooves have been the foundation of over 350 hit records. Clyde is a 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominee (along with the J.B’s), and I have been his primary bass player for the last 12 years.


Clyde says: “Steve is HOT! He’s a hot bass player, I always try to get Steve on any sessions I do. He’s GREAT!”


--Thank you Clyde.


-- Here’s a short live clip of “Old School” with Clyde Stubblefield.

--  Enjoy!


Old School - Clyde Stubblefield
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Frank James


Frank James is an RFD-TV regular and former Lower Broadway artist.


Frank says: “Steve and Bob (Bob Milan, who is Bob Welch’s former drummer) are real professionals, the kind I usually work with at my recordings in Nashville. Steve would be an asset in any musical situation!”


--Thank you Frank.


-- The following clip is a live recording of a nice country shuffle from RFD-TV, featuring Frank.


Note: the clam in bar 4 is the guitar player, not me, Still it’s a nice track

--  Enjoy!


Country Shuffle song - Feat. Frank James
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Bryan Sirchio


Bryan Sirchio is a contemporary Christian artist with Crosswind Music.

I have recorded three CD’s with Bryan.


Bryan says: “Steve is a talented player and is very easy to work with. I am extremely particular about the bass parts on my CDs, I want them to be just right, and Steve always delivers!”


--Thank you Bryan.


-- The following is the title track from his newest CD, “Fully Alive”.

--  Enjoy!


Title Track from "Fully Alive" - Bryan Sirchio
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Ben Johnston-Urey


Ben Johnston-Urey is a successful Hollywood composer and orchestrator.

Ben currently provides music for hit shows like “NCIS” on CBS and “Human Target” on Fox. Ben and I have worked together for many years.


Ben says: “Steve’s musicianship and reliability set him apart from the majority of gigging musicians today. I have found nothing but success in every collaboration with him!”



--Thank you Ben.




Steve Peterson

-- Nashville, Tennessee


Tel: 615-540-6423

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